IVC Filter Side Effects

If anyone in your family has received an IVC filter implant to combat blood clots, you should be alert to possible IVC filter side effects which may indicate a harmful defect in the product. For information on such IVC complications, let us help.

What Are IVC Side Effects?

As for what are IVC side effects, such side effects and the nature of their causes include:

  • Punctured inferior vena cava, the vein in which an IVC filter is implanted. This large vein carries deoxygenated blood from the legs back to the heart.
  • Perforation of a lung.
  • Perforation of the heart.
  • Filter fracturing, in which the tiny filter breaks up into even smaller parts, which then can become embedded in the lungs, the heart or the inferior vena cava vein in which the filter was implanted, causing injury.
  • Filter migration, in which the tiny filter migrates away from the intended veins and enters another part of the body in which it does not belong. This movement of the filter or parts of it to the lungs or heart also is known as embolization.
  • Filter erosion, in which the filter wears away and erodes and no longer is functional.
  • Hemorrhage, such as hemorrhagic pericardial effusion. Pericardial effusion involves an unusually large amount of fluid amassing in the pericardial cavity near the heart. Pressure from too much fluid can hamper the heart’s function.
  • Cardiac tamponade, or pericardial pamponade. This involves a pericardial effusion with so much pressure that it impacts the heart’s function negatively.
  • Clogged filters. Blood clots in the deep vein of the IVC’s placement, also known as deep vein thrombosis, could clog up the filter and hamper blood flowing into the lungs.

Any of these side effects of an IVC filter can do serious damage to a patient, causing injuries which may merit an injury lawsuit against the defective medical device’s manufacturer.

How Common Are IVC Filter Side Effects?

You may be wondering how often patients suffer IVC filter side effects. In fact, such complications are very common.

According to studies on the device, as many as 86 per cent of patients receiving an IVC filter may experience serious side effects. In other words, nearly seven out of every eight filters may fail and cause serious complications.

That means many patients are suffering, since many people have received IVC filters to stave off blood clots. Such filters are tiny cages placed in the inferior vena cava vein in order to capture blood clots and prevent them from reaching the lungs or the heart.

Unfortunately, when such filters are not removed from the body after a blood clot threat has passed, defective IVC filters may cause injuries to unsuspecting patients.

What Can Victims Do?

Victims of a malfunctioning IVC filter have a legal right to seek payments for their injury losses from the manufacturer whose negligence caused their injury. To explore your legal options, contact the Willis Law Firm today for a free legal consultation on your case — at no obligation to you.

You may be legally entitled to an IVC filter lawsuit claiming money for your medical costs, lost salary and pain and suffering owing to the defective medical device. Contact us today, and let us help you with your financial recovery from an IVC filter side effects injury.